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Written by Arry Pandher and Kim Spencer

Wondering how to apply to Carleton?

Located near Ottawa, Ontario, Carleton strives for innovation in research, teaching and learning, and encourages hands-on experience in the classroom. Their graduates have an entrepreneurial spirit and are driven by a desire to change the world. Carleton University’s student population is estimated at 31,522! Do you want to become part of that population? If you answered “yes” then read on to learn how to apply to Carleton University. Make sure to also check out our Ultimate University Guide YouTube video below to learn more about applyng to Carleton!

Admissions for most programs are done on a “rolling” basis – as soon as an application and sufficient grades are provided, an assessment can be made. Check dates and deadlines before starting your application process.

Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC)

When applying to ANY Ontario university, you will need to apply through the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC). And, since we’re talking about you applying to Carleton University, this applies to you!

Applying through the OUAC means that you only need to apply or submit grades to the OUAC instead of through multiple Ontario universities.

Applying through OUAC as a Full Time Student:

If you’re currently an Ontario high school student or have graduated from an Ontario high school, you’ll need to fill out  the OUAC 101 application.

If you are a high school student or graduate from any other high school, you’ll need to fill out the  OUAC 105 application.

There is a Base Application Fee of $156 for all OUAC applicants for your initial 3 program choices. Other fees may apply, so have a look at this page to learn about the OUAC application fees.

For tips on applying through the OUAC, have a look at these tutorial videos!

International Applicants

International students can apply directly to Carleton University by completing the International Student Application, available through your Carleton 360 account (processing fee: $100 CAD).


If you are applying to several Ontario universities, the best way is to use the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) online application, and select Carleton as one of your choices.

Have a look at these instructional videos to help you apply via Carleton’s direct application in Carleton 360.

How to Apply to Carleton University – Additional Requirements

In addition to submitting a regular application, applicants to undergraduate programs in Architectural Studies, Humanities (Great Books), Industrial Design, Information Technology (Multimedia and Design), Music and Social Work are required to submit additional admission material. If you’re applying to one of these courses, make sure you check out these additional application requirements.

What’s Next?

  1. Track your application After submitting your application, you will receive an email acknowledging that Carleton received your application. This email will contain your Carleton applicant number and your MyCarletonOne (MC1) username and password, along with details on how to check the status of your application on our student portal—Carleton 360.
  2. Upload documents Through the admissions portal in Carleton 360, you will be able to view and upload the documents required for your application assessment. If required, official documents can be sent directly from the institution to Carleton University by mail. Please do not send duplicate documents unless you have confirmed with Admissions that additional copies are required. If official documents are required, they can be sent directly from the institution to Carleton University at: Admissions Services, Carleton University 315 Robertson Hall, 1125 Colonel By Drive Ottawa ON K1S 5B6

Now that the application process is done, all you have to do is wait for that Acceptance Offer!

Let’s Talk Finances!

A university education is a big investment in your future. It is important to consider the cost of a university education and make sure that you have planned carefully for all your expenses. Estimating the cost of a year of study varies from student to student and depends on the program you are interested in. Here is a breakdown of your tuition costs and other fees to help you in your planning.

The estimated tuition fee for Domestic students is around 9,200 CAD, excluding fees for your meal plans, books, housing, etc.

It will still depend on the program of your choice! Take a look at the fee estimator on Carleton University’s website!

Money-saving Tips

Carleton has generous scholarships available to every type of student! If you are aiming for the automatic entrance scholarships, make sure your admissions average is 80% or higher!

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