Best Electives at UofT

The University of Toronto offers a wide range of electives for students to choose from. These courses allow students to explore different academic disciplines and expand their knowledge base. In addition, electives can help students develop new skills and talents. Some of the most popular UofT electives include business, science, and humanities courses. However, UofT offers many unique and innovative courses, such as underwater basket weaving and snowboarding.

Best Electives at UofT

UofT offers various electives, allowing students to explore new fields of study or deepen their knowledge in an area of interest. Here are just a few of the best electives UofT has to offer:

-For students interested in business and economics, UofT offers an excellent selection of courses, ranging from Introductory Economics to more specialized courses like Behavioural Economics.

-For students looking to explore the humanities, UofT offers courses on everything from philosophy and history to literature and film. There are also many interdisciplinary courses that explore the intersections between different fields of study.

-UofT also offers a number of great science and math courses, including Introduction to Psychology and Introduction to Statistical Methods. These courses provide a great foundation for further studies in these fields.

-Finally, UofT also offers a number of unique courses that are not offered at other universities. These include courses on topics like Indigenous Studies, Canadian Politics, and Urban Studies.

Other Popular Electives amongst students include:

1. ANT253H1: Language & Society

2. HPS100H1: Introduction to History and Philosophy of Science

3. MAT138: Introduction to proofs

4. AST101H1: The Sun and Its Neighbours

5. PHL285H1: Aesthetics

6. CSC104H1: Computational Thinking

7. GGR252H1: Marketing Geography

8. FSL100H1: French for Beginners

9. ANT100Y1: Introduction to Anthropology

10. PHL245H1: Modern Symbolic Logic

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