Best Electives at UofA

The University of Alberta offers a wide variety of electives, allowing students to explore new interests and deepen their knowledge in existing subject areas. Want to know the best electives at UofA? We can name a couple that you might find interesting!

Best Electives at UofA

U of Alberta offers a wide variety of courses, and students are sure to find several that interest them. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right classes. Here are some of the best electives offered at UofA:

Art History: For students who are passionate about art, this class offers an in-depth look at the history and origins of various art movements. From prehistoric cave paintings to contemporary installations, students will learn about the different ways that artists have expressed themselves throughout the centuries.

Creative Writing: This class is perfect for students who enjoy writing fiction or poetry. Students will learn different techniques for crafting compelling stories and poems, and they will have opportunities to share their work with their classmates. The class is also a great way to meet other writers on campus.

Film Studies: This course offers students a chance to study film from both an artistic and a historical perspective. Students will watch classic and modern films, and they will learn about the different ways that films can be interpreted. In addition, the class covers topics such as film theory and criticism.

Marketing: For students interested in business, the university offers an excellent course on marketing. The course covers topics such as consumer behaviour, marketing research, and global marketing strategies. Students will gain valuable skills that they can use in any career.

These are just a few of the many great electives available at UofA. To discover more electives, search on their course catalogue!

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